Our Services

Our elevated level of service is designed to support each client’s full financial picture to help them preserve and help grow their wealth across generations.

Family-Owned Businesses

Complex wealth management challenges require elevated services and capabilities.

Our Family Office practice is committed to a holistic, personal approach to serving high-net-worth individuals, families, foundations, and institutions. They work closely with specialists to provide their clients with guidance across many aspects of wealth planning, such as:

  • Investments 
  • Philanthropic strategies
  • Wealth and retirement planning
  • Family dynamics
  • Wealth transfer

Family Wealth

Investment Planning

A well-designed investment plan should reflect your long-term goals and comfort level with risk. Your plan will serve as the foundation of our ongoing relationship.

Managing a Family Business

If you’re a business owner who is growing a business or selling your operation, we can introduce you to specialists who can explore the wide scope of options available for transitioning your business.

Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network does not endorse these referrals and therefore gives no assurances as to the quality of their services.

Defining Your Legacy

We are dedicated to helping high-net-worth families and individuals navigate the critical challenges of successfully transitioning wealth to future generations and heirs. We understand the existing dynamics of client family relationships, and we can help ensure your heirs are prepared to knowledgeably receive and manage assets.

Preparing the Next Generation

Our multi-generational investment planning approach allows us to build relationships with your family. When you are ready to have family members meet with us, we take the vitally important first step of starting a dialog that lets you begin to share the critical insights and information that you are prepared to share about your investment plan.

Coordinating Your Estate & Succession Planning Strategies

Estate and business succession planning are broad and complex subjects. Unfortunately, many books and articles on this topic immediately launch into a theoretical discussion of tax and legal strategies without any consideration of what you want to accomplish. We recommend that you “begin at the beginning” and have a conversation with us to identify and prioritize your personal and business goals.

Helping Clients Succeed Financially

It’s natural — and wise — to examine your financial outlook. A Financial Advisor can provide the advice and guidance you need to focus on your goals. I can help you start planning now for the future. I am backed by the resources, expertise, and investment selection of one of the nation’s most recognized financial services companies.